Warrior’s Simplicity 2

The simpler it is, the more you will thrive.

Hebrews 12:1

The other reason we flock to complexity is a challenge of a very different nature. Society has rooted this in the ego.  The ego’s primary lubricant is summed up in one word: “more”. More and more and more and more. We have become a “more society.”

The perception of the ego is that more is better, big is better than small, and less is just plain worse. The ego loves complexity and it is induced by fear. Our ego relies on fear to protect itself, and complexity is a great place to hide behind.

An easy way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. Be sure you are congruent with what you choose to remove or reduce in your life. Warriors love to keep it simple. Keep it clear. Think before you act.  Many complications arise because of hasty actions. So, before you commit yourself to doing an act, think. Think twice for easier or simple alternatives that lead to the same desired result. Clearly identify what is most meaningful to you. To keep things simple, regularly ask yourself this question: “Is this making my life easier and simpler?” Creating simplicity in your life will create a much more focused, powerful, and fun life. Reclaim your fun and playful side. Enjoy and simplify your life.

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