Two Masters

    Gen 13:6 “And the land was not able to bear them, that they might not dwell together, for their substance was great so that they could not dwell together.

    Man, by the natural order is seen to believe that they are the master of their destiny because we can choose to conform our actions with our desires i.e. man can do what he wants. But a believer is distinguished from the natural man as those who have been born again, received eternal life, baptized into the body of Christ and indwelt by the holy spirit and that man is admonished to live under the subjection of the father of spirit and live (Heb 12:9)

    It is however obvious that all Christian (believers) do not have the same level of spirituality or wisdom or yieldedness to the holy spirit

    Relating Gen 13:6-8 with a man and the holy spirit. Master A is represented by man and Master B is represented by the holy spirit. Man is a master created by God to rule, subdue, and dominate the earth giving his free will and choice to do whatever he wants. The holy spirit is a grandmaster, one of the three who bears witness in heaven (1 John 5:7). He is the master of the Christian life and he is a person living in the believer to ensure a victorious Christian walk. But two masters cannot co-habits unless one steps down for the other to rule.

    A productive Christian life is one (man) who has surrendered to the master of the Christian life i.e. The holy spirit. Unyeildedness to the person of the holy spirit can cause strife and shut out his leading which can end up in regret at the end of the day

    Rom 8:4 The emphasis of Paul in this text is this “Submission to the holy spirit is the responsibility of the believer”. Our obedience and responsiveness is directly proportional to his operations in our lives (Gen 6:3)

    Reading through our text scripture, we could see that for striving to cease, one had to allow the other and it’s not the holy spirit that would allow man but vice versa

    Allow the holy spirit to rule and reign over your affairs. Allow him to be the supreme master while you step down and watch how your Christian life becomes victorious.

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