Be Like the Bamboo

As I slept two nights ago, I had a revelation where I saw bamboo trees all around. On waking up, I didn’t understand it and I decided to inquire from the holy ghost. It was my first time of gaining in-depth knowledge of the bamboo nature. Someone would ask how the bamboo tree is related to our faith walk as individuals?

The bamboo plant is very unique. A few of its unique features are (a) Patience, (b) it’s the ability to bend and not break, (c) Flexibility, (d) it’s unique growth technique (it begins to grow after four to five years of watering it), (e), Vast usefulness and most importantly, (f) it’s the ability to spring back after experiencing adversity. The bamboo thus has spiritual principles we should learn from.

1. Don’t root out your seed

We get so excited about the ideas, visions, and dreams planted, inspired, or given to us by God that we can’t wait for it to blossom. After a few weeks or periods of the initial planting, we become discouraged and begin to second guess ourselves. We ask questions like, I’m I sure I can do these?, did I hear properly?, who sent me? and so on. Sometimes in our doubt, we dig up our seeds, plant it elsewhere, in hopes that it will quickly rise. but more often than not, these usually lead to great disappointment.

Luke 8:15 [AMP] says “But as for that (seed) in the good soil, these are the ones (people) who hearing the word, hold it fast in a good and noble heart, and hold on to it tightly, and bear fruit with patience”

Whatever the dream, idea or vision is, just keep at it. The greener the manure, the greener the pasture.

 To be continued…..

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