The Fatherhood of God

    Over time I’ve come to realize that many believers start their prayers with ‘Father’ but few understand the depth of it. Learning about the father who is a spirit, who is also intangible should stir us up deeply. Throughout the bible, we find God portrayed as the father. Although it was sparingly rare in the old testament, it was mentioned over 165 times in the new testament.
    The teaching of the fatherhood of God was the Emphasis of Jesus. It was his famous term for addressing God. The distinctiveness of Jesus preaching on this is evident for several reasons. First, the rarity or scarceness of this designation for God; Secondly, the intimacy of the term; Thirdly, the frequency of it in his teachings.

    Acknowledging God as a father and Living in this mindset was not just a teaching for the disciples or believers at large, it was the WAY. God’s fatherhood to us is not so much based on creating the universe, but rather on the redemption and reconciliation he made available to us in Christ Jesus. It is through the work of Christ that God invites us to call him “Abba Father”
    It is through Christ we have become God’s children (Rom 8:12-16, 1John 3:1, 1Peter 1:3-4). Fatherhood can be defined as the head of a household. Ephs 2:19 tells us that in Christ, we have become fellow citizens (not strangers or foreigners) of the household of God.

    Jesus explains the fatherhood of God in 3 folds (1) Headship 1 Cor 11:3; (2) Nourishing and protecting his offspring John 10:29; (3) Maintenance (upholding that which he has established) Phil 2:13
    For a number of people, father, perhaps even mother (earthly) has never meant provider, teacher, or guardian to them. It has never meant anything intimate, it has only meant an aching absence or an abusive presence. Even those with a good father are all too aware of his defects, defeats and problems. This has in a way affected our mindset and view of God.

    God our Father transcends all of the categories the world created. He is love, He is good and He is perfect in all of his ways.

    To be continued……..

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