Fatherhood of God 2

The father to whom we pray is not an earthly father. God’s love and power set his fatherhood apart from any other we have known or imagined. Unlike many, he always has the best intention for his children and he has the ability to carry them out. Christ revealed God to us this way so that we could always approach him with childlike trust and confidence (Matt 21:22) and usher us into an intimate relationship with him. Abba (Rom 8:15) in the Hebrew word means something very intimate. It is an affectionate term for Daddy. It was used by Paul to address God in a relation of personal intimacy. God (Your Father) is not a stern, harsh father. He is our DAD, full of love, affection, and affirmation for us.

The Bible reveals God to us as a loving father, yet so often, the relationships we have had with our natural earthly fathers and perhaps the world we live in has affected our view of God. He is a good and loving father that loves to hear our voice and loves to listen to us. The revelation of the fatherhood of God given to us by Christ was for INTIMACY, that we’d draw near to him without a sense of guilt, fear, or condemnation.
Jesus reveals to us in Matt 6:25-34 the heart of the father towards us and how much he loves us if only we’d draw near to him.

God is for you, with you, and loves you completely and only wants good things for you. Come to think about it, how many of us when we need our earthly father’s attention or need something important from him, go before him, and begin to dramatize or eulogize him? When we go before them, the first thing that comes out from our mouth is “Daddy” or “Dad”. All of the characteristics of God are embedded in the name Father or Daddy.

Remember this, no matter how old you are and the experiences you’ve had, God is Your Father and you’d always be his child and you’re loved by him as long as you’re in Christ (John 1:12-13). The earlier this dawns in your heart and mind, the best your walk and experiences.

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