Spiritual Mindedness

In recent days I’ve been so overwhelmed with different happenings that keeping my heart, head, and words in the right place has been quite tough and this has been quite the experience for many of us. The natural man is wired to figure things out by all means, either by techniques or intellect acquired over time. A spiritual man is the exact opposite of this

Spiritual mindedness is to properly understand and consistently apply God’s word to all things. Paul said in Romans 8:6, “To be carnally minded (set the mind on the flesh or what you see) is death, but to be spiritually minded (set the mind on the Spirit) is life and peace.”

Mindset is not just about having a set of high moral beliefs. Rather, it also refers to a set of aligned beliefs that influence your reactions and behaviors. Spiritual mindset would then mean shaping our mind and attitude set according to God’s word

With the mind of Christ, we obtain proper perceptions or perspectives, we inherit spiritual understanding (reality) and can faithfully apply it to all circumstance and situations in life. The Christlike approach is our lifestyle (nature). It is important in our everyday lives both in good and bad, usually in a difficult situation, sicknesses, and affliction. In keeping with Christ’s example, when offended, we bless in return. we return kindness for unkindness, Joy for bitterness, lack in giving thanks for abundance. When in unpalatable circumstances, we choose a response (confesses God’s word) that is in alignment or states our reality.

As believers, Christ is our perfect model and mentor, we identify with that mental image and vision and this becomes the driving force of our life. It becomes the unifying and organizing principle, the center around which everything revolves. It is the anchor and root, the foundation and cornerstone of all our activities, relationships, and decisions.

Thus, spiritual mindedness is we responding to life situations as He would have responded (which is as the Father would have responded). This allows us to be restful, fearless, peaceful in the face of every challenge or opposition in life

“What we think in our heart (how much of God’s word we have in us), will largely determine what our acts will be and conforming our acts (thoughts, word, response) to God’s word is a deliberate, conscious and consistent effort. Be spiritual-minded, it is Peace and Life.

Additional Scripture (Gal 5:25, Col 3:15-16, Isa 26:3, Rom 8:5-7, Phil 4:7, John 14:27, John 16:33, 2Cor 4:16-18)

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