Like the Lady and her Lover

    From the beginning of time, just as seen in the scriptures, God has always used Man’s custom and culture to communicate his realities (spiritual) to man. The relationship between a lady and her lover is quite a unique one. It is a relationship that everyone desires, such that there is almost nothing (in the earth realm) that can compare with the intense and passionate feelings that are aflame when a heart is in love.

    The lady is graciously and carefully guarding her territories ensuring that nothing comes between them. She gives her time, money, resources, etc., and is committed to the growth and healthiness of the relationship. Their communication is unbreached. She is in close proximity ensuring she hears his express quiet wishes; she is familiar with the wishes of his heart and is committed to keeping them.

    The Lover also in turn loves exactly, unconditionally as you are and simultaneously inspires you to be better. He embraces your humanity. Without judgment, he holds space for all that you are and all that you can be. And even when you’ve stepped away from your true self, from your core, he gently and effortlessly nudges you back. A lover in this sense is not about having an affair, cheating, or keeping someone in the shadows. He is your friend, Partner (If married), your confidante, your teacher, your coach, and your teammate

    This kind of relationship is one that is desired by all because many times it is visible to all and everyone sees the benefits attached. But the question here is this? How much more the holy spirit as a Lover? Think about it for a minute. He is not merely an impersonal power, but also a person with will, mind, and emotions. The holy spirit is God up close and personal.

    James 4:5 “Do you think the scripture means nothing when he says that the spirit that God has caused to dwell in us jealously yearns for us” (ISV)

    Intimacy with the Holy Spirit has no contenders. His desire and ultimate goal is to be in union with us like a Lover. His love is so pure that one will find NO ONE like it. His love is not predictated upon performance, appearance, or intellectual capacity. Just as a lady is intoxicated with her lover, in close proximity with him, and it is impossible to understand the special bond that exists between them, More so should be our relationship with God. The best part of this relationship is that it is not fraught with difficult requirements and religious activities. It’s just all the way LOVE.

    When you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything. The holy spirit is calling you to a love relationship, deeper, stronger, purer, than that of a lady and her lover. And it’s all the way bliss.

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