Mission and vision statement

“Calling women to freedom, fruitfulness and fulness in Christ”

Many of the times, man has lived outside of God’s plan and purpose for his life and this has proven to be the reason for many of our many struggles and failures. It’s amazing how we try to navigate and find our path by ourselves without his help. (Psalm 119:19; Psalm 139:16)

A man outside of God, better put, outside of Christ, cannot and will not be able to fulfill destiny talk less of pleasing God or walking in freedom. Sin means outside of God’s plan, Provision and Purpose.

Psalm 68:19 says “Blessed be the lord who daily loadeth us with benefit” God’s benefit most times doesn’t come in material things but from his Word which gives us guidance, and also come in form of instruction(s) to lead us to where he’s planned for us.

Through this platform, day by day, precept upon precept, Let’s learn, listen as God reveals his heart to us through his Word

About the Author

Temilade is a keen lover of God and his word. She loves music and she’s passionate about women like her and she’d love to help you read, understand and apply God’s Word so that you can enjoy every day with Jesus.